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Oct 2015 29

I can't seem to do anything to anyone right. Everything I say do act or react is wrong from everyone's stand point. I simply   more...

Feb 2015 24
Poem  (2201 views)

Why is everyone so impressed by a brain that never rests? Who wants an enemy that never sleeps? I fill my days with distractions in an effor  more...

Jul 2014 21
Lies and stress  (2326 views)

I seriously have been through so much and I jut can't find one person who I can trust to tell everything to bc 1. I know they will tell   more...

May 2014 05

I can't describe the beauty of the ocean beating against the shore. I can't describe the grit of the sand on the beach. All I know i  more...

Apr 2014 17
Virgin Masturbation  (2714 views)

So I'm a female virgin and lately I've been masturbating, but I feel really guilty about it, like it's a sick terrible thing to   more...

Apr 2014 12
feeling awkward  (2604 views)

turning 20 soon. never been on a date, never really been kissed by a boy before, never had sex.

Feb 2014 11

I still remember the first time I met you. You came to drag your brother to your mom's car, because you were sick of waiting to pick him  more...

Jan 2014 26
In need of advice  (2506 views)

I hurt someone who loved me. I lied to him before we ever started dating about my lifestyle background because I was wealthier than him and   more...

Dec 2013 07

He's a teacher. He's an adulterer. A father to wonderHe thinks I'll forget - but I won't. He's lost weight, says he  more...

Oct 2013 02
real convo  (2484 views)

i feel like i haven't had a real conversation with someone for a long, long time.

what is a "real" conversation?

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