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Apr 2014 26

I'm graduating from college next week, my bf graduated last year and is in med school now. I'm only 6 class from having TWO more bac  more...

Apr 2014 23
ugh im dumb  (883 views)

I started talking to this guy he was so nice and sweet. I thought he was different he seemed so into me but i said no to him when he asked m  more...

Apr 2014 17
Virgin Masturbation  (1663 views)

So I'm a female virgin and lately I've been masturbating, but I feel really guilty about it, like it's a sick terrible thing to   more...

Apr 2014 12
feeling awkward  (1561 views)

turning 20 soon. never been on a date, never really been kissed by a boy before, never had sex.

Apr 2014 10
Wait.?  (1000 views)

I thought this distance could medicate. They all said," move away, you need to clear your head."it's been four months now, I'  more...

Apr 2014 04
Im Done  (1204 views)

I'm f**king done with life. I am sick to death of working my ass off just to get no results. I spend all my time studying for school the  more...

Mar 2014 23
Advice please??  (1077 views)

Have you ever had someone in your life that leads on to be some hotshot, but you know them, and that's not who they actually are? Well I  more...

Mar 2014 22
Asexuality  (961 views)

Okay, let me explain to you a thing. Because I'm beginning to get fed up with the same responses from people. If you're unfamiliar w  more...

Mar 2014 17

I am 21 years old and have never dated, but I've kissed two guys (not the classy way) Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those peop  more...

Mar 2014 14
Loneliness  (1240 views)

This kid I went to highschool with. Posted on facebook this status of being lonely. Said something like, "Nothing makes a single guy mor  more...

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