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Oct 2013 14

I'm tired of doing sweet things for girls that I like an them not even acknowledge it. Ok so they don't like me that's fine I&#  more...

Oct 2013 12

Yesterday, a very kind woman gave me and my family $20. We were at the Wells Fargo inside Safeway. We were having trouble with the teller an  more...

Oct 2013 07
Advice?  (928 views)

What do you do when you don\'t want to be in your relationship, but your boyfriend is everyone\'s idea of perfect and has done nothi  more...

Oct 2013 07
Nobody ever.  (889 views)

Nobody ever mentions the possibility of losing your virginity and it not being special. Nobody ever teaches you how to deal with the regret.  more...

Oct 2013 05

I dealt with this store & made a purchase. The furniture was damaged & they made one attempt to correct it. Which didn\'t work out. They  more...

Oct 2013 02
real convo  (1323 views)

i feel like i haven't had a real conversation with someone for a long, long time.

what is a "real" conversation?

Sep 2013 30
age  (793 views)

age gets me a lot. i'm 19 and the majority of the people i hang out with are 22+ (like two people i hang out with are my age). it'  more...

Sep 2013 29

I don't know how to communicate with people and they don't know how to communicate with me and its this big mess and just thinking   more...

Sep 2013 28
Get laid  (1059 views)

Last night one of my guy friends came over to watch a movie with me. Unexpectedly he started cuddling with me and at some point there was sp  more...

Sep 2013 25

Who can you trust?

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