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Sep 2013 30
age  (830 views)

age gets me a lot. i'm 19 and the majority of the people i hang out with are 22+ (like two people i hang out with are my age). it'  more...

Sep 2013 29

I don't know how to communicate with people and they don't know how to communicate with me and its this big mess and just thinking   more...

Sep 2013 28
Get laid  (1092 views)

Last night one of my guy friends came over to watch a movie with me. Unexpectedly he started cuddling with me and at some point there was sp  more...

Sep 2013 25

Who can you trust?

Sep 2013 23
Emotionally drained  (985 views)

I would like to know what exactly did you see in me the first time you met me. What did you see in me that made you want to hurt me? What w  more...

Sep 2013 20
Sacrifice  (1214 views)

Is it ok to sacrifice your own happiness to make someone else happy? Even if you don't love that person back?

Sep 2013 16
Broken  (1043 views)

For as long as I can remember I have been verbally and mentally abused by my family, friends and significant others. Even though I am an adu  more...

Sep 2013 16

That you only do the bare minimum to survive, I'm talking only food and water. I haven't showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, combed   more...

Sep 2013 14
Conflicted  (1008 views)

I dated this guy, and the entire time we were together he was talking to another girl. Mind you these were the happiest months, up until I f  more...

Sep 2013 14

Sometimes I want to end it all because I feel so overwhelmed and unhappy. Like things aren't going to get better. My mind goes 100 miles  more...

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