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May 2018 22

The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C. - New York, NY Mr. Schlossberg supposedly 'ranted' at someone speaking Spanis  more...

May 2018 20

We are the UNITED States of America. On the federal level, the US does not recognize English as the official language. However, on the stat  more...

May 2018 19
Renkowski  (838 views)

When are you going to paint the cruddy peeling ugly metal fence in front of 2041 East 59th Street? Disgraceful.

May 2018 11
Alan Maisel's Staff  (805 views)

Assemblyman Alan Maisel of Brooklyn, N Y is very amiable BUT a few of his staff members have chips on their shoulders. Sad that they are liv  more...

May 2018 09
BO/GO Free  (757 views)

Every Thursday the Marketeer is thrown in front of my apartment, filled with sales by local supermarkets and other local stores. I peer thro  more...

May 2018 09

What hass happened to Stomboski's cartoon, Soup to Nutz? The NY Daily News is not the same without it.

May 2018 06
StopUsingPlastics  (773 views)

Tell MdDonalds and other stores to stop offering plastic drinking straws. Bring back paper straws. They're better for our environment.   more...

Apr 2018 27
Jeff Bezos' Wealth  (720 views)

Jeff Bezos' wealth does not impress me one tiny bit. We all breathe, etc. ...and eventually die. Let's see how Bezos spends his mone  more...

Apr 2018 23
End Plastic Bags  (1597 views)

A few yrs ago Friskies pet food offered shoppers a reusable pet food dish for a certain amount of accumulated Bar Codes from pet foods sent   more...

Apr 2018 23

Big deal...not. Yes, Sean Hannity is worth millions (billions?) in real estate holdings. Those holding ain't gonna protect him if he get  more...

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