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Jan 2013 23
Not special enough  (909 views)

I feel like I'm not good not for you. Because there's nothing special about me. I'm not gay, I'm not a "cooler, older  more...

Jan 2013 22
I don't know  (785 views)

theres this guy i met at a party and he\\\\\\\'s everything i could ever askk for. He doesn\\\\\\\'t mind going out with me its jus  more...

Jan 2013 19
Inside  (883 views)

I keep a lot of things to myself- most things, really. It's probably not very healthy and sometimes it even makes me a little crazy. I w  more...

Jan 2013 19
lonely  (1087 views)

sometimes i feel lonely.

Jan 2013 18
Depressed ...  (840 views)

i have been depressed for years now and i keep getting help from others but im so mad at me because i cant even help myself. i overthink too  more...

Jan 2013 17

She made me the wrong drink, but I'm too shy to confront her about it... Oh well green tea lattes aren't THAT bad.

Jan 2013 14
I just want love.  (1172 views)

I want someone to love me, everything about me, I want them to love me as much as I love them, maybe even a little bit more. Honestly if I h  more...

Jan 2013 12
sometimes it sucks  (832 views)

sometimes it sucks not being invited out. would it be different if i had a fake? you guys are together all the time outside of school. feels  more...

Jan 2013 11
confidence  (963 views)

i need more confidence to wear heels out in public. i usually end up with a lot of "what if's" that stop me- mostly "what if  more...

Jan 2013 05
Love doesn't exist  (835 views)

I've decided that. It's a fact, the type of love that I've been looking for my entire life, doesn't exist, if it ever did it  more...

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