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Jan 2013 30
I wish I was female  (1274 views)

So I could have feelings, and express them, and have that be ok. Instead of having to ," be a man" and suppress everything and just   more...

Jan 2013 19
Inside  (1161 views)

I keep a lot of things to myself- most things, really. It's probably not very healthy and sometimes it even makes me a little crazy. I w  more...

Jan 2013 19
lonely  (1415 views)

sometimes i feel lonely.

Jan 2013 11
confidence  (1252 views)

i need more confidence to wear heels out in public. i usually end up with a lot of "what if's" that stop me- mostly "what if  more...

Dec 2012 13

I guess I have a bad tolerance level or something. Next week will be the second time I visit my friend at his college/rez. I don't know   more...

Dec 2012 04
NYR  (1142 views)

New Year's resolution: make new friends; be friendlier/more outgoing.

But how?

Nov 2012 28
eating disorder?  (1156 views)

do I have an eating disorder? I think I do but I don't want to really say that because it could be so much worse than it is. I just cou  more...

Nov 2012 20
Dumb  (1153 views)

In a moment of impulsiveness, I said, "I'll take you for your birthday." I later regretted saying this and wondered if I could w  more...

Nov 2012 18
Socially (un)skilled  (1131 views)

I\\\'ve never been one to say much, often keeping feelings, thoughts inside. Throughout high school, upon my quiet group of friends, I m  more...

Nov 2012 16
I made a new blog  (1314 views)

but I'm scared I won't be able to keep up with it.

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