Dec 2009 16

Why is it young guys get a case of the a**hole when they are in groups, especially if they are in a car? A lot of you think that an old guy by himself is an easy target for 2 or more of you to make what you think are funny comments. They aren't. They're not even hurtful. They just point out what bleeding a**hole morons you are. I've noticed that the few times I've decided to say something in response, you idiots shut up. Why is that? Are you afraid of me? You should be. I'm not afraid of you. If one of you gets froggy, I'll hurt you. Your friends won't back you up because they will scared by the sight of your blood. That's because none of you has ever been in a real fight. I'm talking about fighting for your life. I have. I won. I got hurt, but he got more hurt than me. Your fathers have done you a real disservice by not telling you there is always someone out there tougher than you. And that some of these people are truly dangerous. The take-home message? Never f*ck with someone you don't know, no matter how many of your friends you have with you. YOU might be the one who finds out a hard lesson.

[by Anon on Tue June 4, 2013 02:58:17 am]
They're kids and idiots, that about sums is up. They'll learn the hard way someday.

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