Dec 2009 29

I am young. 13. I'm still a baby...
grades are dropping. A+ to B. I have never failed so many tests in my life.
My mother is constantly hovering. I can't stand her.

why does there always have to be someone smarter, someone happier, someone richer, someone thinner, someone prettier?
for once, can i walk into a room and have people be like 'woah. who is she?' im not that 300 pound girl- i'm grateful for that.

i wish i wasn't a little overweight. i wish he loved me. i wish my parents trusted me. i wish the girls in my class weren't bitches. i wish she didn't stab me in the back. i wish they didn't judge me constantly. i wish i could eat tons of sh*t and loose a pound. i wish i wasn't always the jealous one.

but wishes just don't come true...

[by Someone who knows how you feel on Tue December 29, 2009 04:43:08 pm]
Honey, you ARE young. I know it's hard to believe and understand now, but you have your whole life ahead of you. What any of us women older than you (I'm only in my 30s) wouldn't give to be in your shoes. The best part about your situation is that YOU can control it! You make the change! Start exercising.. but do something fun. Maybe start dancing? Or volunteering? Train for a 5K? Something with an end goal. It makes things easier (trust me, otherwise I'd never go to a gym). Take it from someone who was a wallflower her entire youth.. you can do it. Your mom will always hover. That's what mom's do. Most of the time (and probably in your case) it's because she loves you more than you can understand right now. She only wants you to be happy and healthy, but I know it seems like nagging and annoying behavior. But remember she does it out of love.

[by her on Sun January 3, 2010 12:39:29 am]
you're 13? middle school right? it's weird to say, but i was you when i was 13. and just don't wish, don't think things will happen on their own. don't wait around. don't tell yourself things will get better, make them get better. ignore your mother, it'd be worse if she didn't care at all. embrace that she does care. tell her not to worry and tell her you're sorry and that you love her. ignore the girls at school, if it makes you happy, once you're in high school, they'll get what they deserve from the older girls. and i know you don't want to, i know it seem like getting the guy is all the world right now but it's not. sometimes, even when there's a guy that likes you you wont like him back. and that's how guys look at you, they worry if you like them back. take initiative, but not in a creepy way. and 13yroldboys are dumb and not worth your time, trust me! all i wish that you would do is concentrate on school, no matter how much you don't want to. engross yourself in studies, nothing gets easier. over-study even. learn subjects that you'll need to know in 9th grade, cause 9th grade is stressful. just keep your head in the books, no matter how much you don't want to. motivate yourself with simple things verses long term. say you like a certain candy, only allow yourself to have if after you earn it by studying. and leave the candy(or whatever else) in plan view so it's a temptation and a motivation. and you'll feel accomplished, and that's another motivation(accomplishment).

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