Sep 2010 14

Uhhh!!! You get on my nerves you call urself payin me so much attention n don't know what da hell be going on...complainin bout me not txting you back n 15-20 min. Do you ever think I might be doing something important you can be soooo ungrateful sometimes what else do you want 4rm me damn I don't cheat on you n we in a long distance ima bad bitch I don't need this...real talk plenty men wanna smart female that like sports cook smart do this paper send him money pay they cell phone bill not gon even talk about how be talkin bout how good it is n you can't wait 2 get in it 4real I clueless all b/c I know you n school n you can't do it by really startin 2 piss me off wit this lil boy stuff you 21 n bit**in bout me not txtin you back fast enough hahaha this is some petty ish wow I can't even believe you came at me like I don't deserve you and I remindin you of ur ex...she musta been bad ass chick that take care of home just like me I needa giva her props 4 takin care of you 4 as long as she did but you got da rite 1 cuz I'll cut that ass off u got the rite one now cuz I don't play tired of being nice now you on my bad side not a place you wanna be...

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