Nov 2013 14

I didn't just have that wrapping paper. I didn't just happen to have pretty ribbon to tie a pretty bow to put on top, boys don't just have stuff like that. I didn't panic and at the last second look around my room and see those CDs. I didn't just write you a letter full of bulls**t. I went to every craft store in town looking for the perfect wrapping paper and the perfect ribbon. It took hours of constant debate with myself trying to decide on the perfect way to wrap my gift to you. I spent days on that letter thinking through everything that I wanted to say to you, I just hope you understood. I gave you those CDs because they meant a lot to me. They're my favorite of all time and they were MY copies. I didn't just go to the store and get them. Those discs are filled with my memories and my love and I gave them specifically to you. What I'm saying is that I tried and I'll be damned if I didn't try my hardest. You were the last good thing to happen to me. The last thing I really cared about, the last thing and maybe the only thing that I ever really tried for. I wonder if you understand, I wonder if you care. I know that I bring this up a lot, but I just really need to know, did you like the CDs I gave you?

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