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I'm 15, and I'm hopelessly confused. I've been talking to this guy at my school but when we see each other, we get too nervous to talk. He says he loves me & has never felt this way by anyone but, is it just infatuation he feels ? I mean, we haven't even known each other for that long. Maybe he's not absolutely sure how he feels ? Heeeeelp /.\ my ex boyfriend Julian still loves me and so does my ex boyfriend Trey ! So many guys are chasing after me and I have no other direction to run, I DON'T know what to do, please help ;/

[by Anon on Thu December 12, 2013 12:46:33 am]
Rather than making a rash decision, I think you need to step back and tell them it's making you crazy and that you need to continue to be friends with them. It shouldn't be this stressful and they shouldn't put you in a place where you feel pressure to choose. You are still young, don't rush into making any decisions.

[by Marlee on Sun July 24, 2016 09:28:56 pm]
What a pleasure to find someone who idefeinits the issues so clearly

[by Vina on Mon July 25, 2016 08:36:28 am]
An inllietgent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

[by Dayanara on Tue July 26, 2016 01:54:52 pm]
You're a real deep thikenr. Thanks for sharing.

[by Lawanda on Tue July 26, 2016 08:53:44 pm]
Never would have thunk I would find this so inbispensadle.

[by Minerva on Wed July 27, 2016 04:18:48 am]
Your hoentsy is like a beacon

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