Dec 2013 11

So we've been friends for some time now. Now we are best friends. Yes, you are depressed, and sad, and angry, but that changes NOTHING. When the first broke your heart, who helped you? Who told you everything was going to be alright? Who said that if she really cared she wouldn't have let this happen? When the second broke your heart, who helped you? Who told you everything was going to be alright? Who told you that if she really cared she wouldn't have let this happen? ME. I DID. I WAS THERE EVERY DAMN NIGHT, TO DRY YOUR TEARS AND GET YOU GOING AGAIN. Now, are...better? Happy? You say that I helped you so much and that I really made things clear and wonderful. But I enter the room and you are sad. Why? Because you are different, you say. Because you are ugly, you say. Because nobody likes you, you say. I am outraged. NOBODY LIKES YOU?? If I didn't like you, I wouldn't have helped you and continue to help you. You have many friends and you matter to many people. So why say such absurd things? Why should I help you when you go back to feeling this despair. I am your best friend. I hate seeing you sad and you dont know it, but at times, I want to grasp your face in my hands and kiss you gently and tell you it's okay because you are important. Let you know that if you took that step and ended it all, that I would be affected. You don't it, but you are beautiful. You have big arms and a muscular abdomen, and a big heart, and a sparkling personality. And you don't know it but I want to come to your house and watch scary movies, and feel you hug me when I jump. I want to lay in your bed with my fingers carefully tracing the lines in your arms and the little packs of muscle on your stomach. I want to bath in your sparkles and be taken into your big heart. Hun, you don't you yourself like I know you. You have no idea who you really are. And I can't stand seeing that person be covered by this dark shadow. I will continue to help you, though. I will not give up. Because you don't know it but, I love you.

[by Anon on Thu December 12, 2013 12:42:46 am]
You are a good friend. It's hard being in your position, wanting the best for your friend, hoping you can encourage, lift and give them enough strength to bring them out of whatever funk they are in. I have a friend who acts the same way, I've tried for years to help her, but the next day it seems like she's forgotten everything we talked about. I hope I can stay strong like you. You're doing an amazing job.

[by Anon on Thu December 12, 2013 01:10:57 pm]
Thank you, So much:)

[by Anon on Fri December 13, 2013 05:58:06 pm]
Ok first, a little off topic, but have you considered a career in writing? Because this is pretty stirring. You are an amazing friend, I wish I had a friend like you a few years ago. This kind of love and compassion has been lost by people today, it is a beautiful thing. Do not ever stop being so caring because there are not enough people like you. Whatever you do, don't give up on him, keep showing him your own big heart. Sooner or later he will wake up and realize what has been right in front of him for so long.

[by Author of post on Tue December 17, 2013 08:39:59 pm]
I have considered a career in writing actually. Deeply. I love to write and I actually kind of turned this into a slam poem, and your positive feed back means so so much to me. And I will not give up on him. He is doing a bit better now with his depression, and I just love him so much. And I do hope he realizes:) Thank you guys:))

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