Jan 2014 18

A few yrs ago I used to drive Marcella Perrone wherever she asked...to her doctor appt., dry cleaners, shopping, 3-way light bulbs, even shopped for her much-needed wee wee pads often. Then her former employer, AT&T, had a day at Yonkers racetrack for retirees. Marcella asked if I wanted to join them. I gave Marcella $70 cash for my trip portion some five weeks before the trip date. I then learned I had to work the Election Bd on trip day, and asked Marcella to return my $70. I was told to phone the travel agent, and asked Marcella for the telephone #, some three weeks before the trip date. I kept asking! Finally exactly one day before the trip Marcella gave me the agent\'s #. I was told he needed one week to cancel my spot, for a refund of my money. Marcella had three wks to get back to me with the # of the travel agent. but she took her sweet time, and it cost me $70. Marcella is a taker; her palm is always up taking, never giving. She is a thief, a low-life waddling BASTARD who owes me $70. No wonder she never got married. Nobody would want such a selfish--but not self-sufficient--fat piece of dirt, a female beyond shame. She has money but is morally bankrupt. Marcella Perrone of 2044 E. 59 St., Brooklyn NY, is living proof that manure can sprout legs and walk. She owes me $70, and does not deny that fact.

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