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I hurt someone who loved me. I lied to him before we ever started dating about my lifestyle background because I was wealthier than him and I knew he'd think we never work if I told him the truth. He fell in love, we talked about marriage, kids, but I found myself constantly haunted by my lie so I told him the truth. He said at the time thane never loved me, he just wanted me for sex. But I feel like he put way too much effort into our relationship if he didn't love me. I gave him his space, about two months worth then texted him and asked to talk. He basically said he had to stand by his decision to not be with me, and somewhat acted like he didn't care. But I don't think he would've ever have texted me back if he didn't. A few days later I texted again and I asked him to just tell me how he feels because we both just need to be on the same page and he at first was willing but when it came down to him saying whether h still loved me or not, he wouldn't say it. So I asked if he hated me, to say it or otherwise I would know he still cares. And he didn't say anything at all. But I'm not sure if that was just him ignoring me, or if he still cares. I really need a outsiders perspective? I know I messed up and I don't blame him for thinking that our whole relationship was based on a lie, but it wasn't. Do you guys think there's any chance of saving our relationship? He truly is my entire world and I haven't went a single day without thinking about him. I want to fight for him but I don't know how to do that if he will barely speak to me. Please, please help.

[by Anon on Sun January 26, 2014 04:31:22 pm]
If all you did was lie about your financial status then I don't see why he is still upset. You did it in order to be with him because he would've shunned you otherwise so it wasn't an act of selfishness or anything of the sort. You were desperate to hold on to the person you love. If he truly does love you he'll put that silly fib in the past and be with you. There's no use in making yourself miserable over something so trivial. Try to reach out to him. Tell him that you're going to talk and that if he wishes to say nothing that it's okay, but he needs to hear you out. He should be mature enough to understand your decisions. If he won't meet you call, if he won't answer text. He might not text back, but that doesn't mean he won't read the message. It doesn't matter if it's long, let it all out. I hope this helps. Good luck.

[by Jaydee on Sun July 24, 2016 09:30:47 pm]
Boom shaaklaka boom boom, problem solved.

[by Keli on Mon July 25, 2016 08:36:29 am]
I will be putting this danilzzg insight to good use in no time.

[by Mattie on Wed July 27, 2016 04:18:50 am]
Thanks for inidoructng a little rationality into this debate.

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