Apr 2014 12

turning 20 soon. never been on a date, never really been kissed by a boy before, never had sex.

[by Anon on Sat April 12, 2014 11:42:33 pm]
I'm in the same boat. I turned 20 last December, same story. We might be a little bit different though. I truly believe that there's more to life than sex, or kissing, or whatever. Do what you want to do. F**k the consequences. You're 19, go see the world, that's what I did and honestly it was the greatest decision I ever made. Go to a country where you don't speak the language and just learn. It's fantastic. When I do settle down I want my wife to know that when I say words like, "Always" it means always, no asterisk. I know it's a pipe dream, or whatever, but that's what I want. I'm not concerned with other people thinking I'm weird because I haven't had sex or whatever, that's their thing. If you don't want that that's fine, that's great, tell me to go f**k myself. I'm just telling you what I did and what I want from life, from the worldview of me being a couple months older than you. You're life is your choice, any decisions that are "forced" on you are an illusion. Please break free and do what you want to do. It's hard. I'm not gonna bullsh*t you and tell you that making your own road isn't hard but it's worth it. Stay strong. I know I'm only a stranger on the internet but I really do care about yod

[by Anon on Thu April 17, 2014 08:47:26 am]
There is nothing wrong or awkward about that! I'm 23 and I just barely got my first kiss a few months ago! (It was pretty great, but it was with a guy I liked and trusted) But I've definitely never had sex before but I'm glad of that! Because even an older friend who used to be really slutty, is now in a relationship with the man she loves and she wishes she'd saved herself for him! And I'm not talking about Christianity saving yourself for your husband kind of thing because they're not married, the point is that they're committed to and love each other, and she wishes she's saved herself for him as the man she loves. Give guys more chances when they ask you out on dates maybe? Everyone deserves one chance. But if you don't like them, move on to the next! And don't have sex just to have sex! Life is so short, and some people are struggling for theirs, so have a beautiful day and don't stress about trivial things

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