Apr 2014 17

So I'm a female virgin and lately I've been masturbating, but I feel really guilty about it, like it's a sick terrible thing to do? Also, I recently think I may have orgasmed. Is that so wrong and sick and weird that a virgin orgasmed to masturbating? I guess I worry that somehow by doing this to myself all alone that when I'm finally with a guy it won't be as good and I've ruined sex for myself?? Or will it be better simply because I will be with someone, because of the intimacy? Or have I ruined sex for myself? Like now it will only be about me focusing on my pleasure and not the intimacy and closeness and the fact that I'm with this other person? What do you think? Clearly I'm worried, but I suppose there are much worse things in the world. No creepy weirdo comments please.

[by Anon on Sat April 26, 2014 07:26:04 pm]
Watch Laci Green on youtube, she has the best videos on masturbation. Honestly, masturbation makes you more aware of your body. Now your first time won't be as awkward since you understand what you like and dislike. Also, how do you expect your partner to please you if you don't know what exactly pleases you? Now you know. So when he/she asks you during "do you like that?" or "does this feel good?" It's not something completely new to you, and you WILL know what your boundaries are. Masturbation makes sex more enjoyable and safer in my opinion.

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