Apr 2014 23

I started talking to this guy he was so nice and sweet. I thought he was different he seemed so into me but i said no to him when he asked me out. The reason being was he still talked about his ex he seemed like he was still into her and i honestly didnt want to be wit someone like that, I than decided that i really liked him and i said yes the second time he asked me out but things were diff. He treated me like s**t no matter how much looked out for him. He wasn;t all over me like he was in the beginning and than i felt like he was cheating. So i checked his phone and he did it he cheated on me with his ex. He told me to he loved me and he wanted to be with me and that he treated me like s**t because he wanted me to hate him and walk away and he said the only reason why he was talking to his ex was because he wanted to know if he could trust her again since she cheated on him. He was in love with tthat gir and even said hed marry her. after i found out i saw how much pain he had and i put my feelings aside and forgave him and hugged him and gave him advice i wished him the best. He told me if things wont work out he might come back but yea. Things proceeded from there we continued to have sex and i became more enraged and jealous we got into bad fights. To the point where he told me he was faking his emotions towards me. Now supoosedly we're good but says im nothing to him and that im not his friend or girlfriend but yet he tells me he likes me still. He also talks about how other girls are out around me even though with his ex ik he wouldnt dare do that. His ex doesnt know about me bc he says she will get mad at him and he will loose her. im here doing my best showing him he can trust me and that ill be there for him and giving him sex. He said he doesnt believe in anyone and im so ugh im crying and dying inside i want him but ik im sabatoging myself because im giving him sex i feel like a back up and i probably am and i just dont get it i do everything for him. Dont get me wrong im not his slave or his pushover but im there when no one is to listen to him talk about her and other stuff . im dying inside i know he wants her more than me bc he constantly points out my falws makes me feel worthless like the only time he likes me is during sex and he makes me feel inferior to other girls, Im not insecure but with him its like i just am he never appreciates or values what i do for him andi feel like utter crap and like a piece of s**tt

[by Brandy on Mon July 25, 2016 03:14:59 am]
I bow down humbly in the presence of such grsnsaeet.

[by Eddi on Mon July 25, 2016 08:47:45 am]
An ineillegtnt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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