Apr 2014 26

I'm graduating from college next week, my bf graduated last year and is in med school now. I'm only 6 class from having TWO more bachelor's degrees. So I would have 3 DEGREES! 1 in Psychology, 1 in Neuroscience, and 1 in Biology. He keeps making these comments how it's a bad idea and a waste of money if I don't "use them." I want to be a Zoologist, so having Psychology is REQUIRED to work at the zoo that I want, plus Biology is REQUIRED to get into grad school...so like...wtf is he talking about?! I was planning on taking a year and a half off anyways before going to my zoo program, so personally I feel like it will look better on my application that rather than taking a year off of school, I went back and got 2 more degrees. He hasn't said anything like this, but I get the feeling that he's embarrassed that I am not in graduate school like him. He always makes rude comments about undergrads being stupid and incompetent. And I STILL have not met ANY of his friends from school. One time we ran into someone while walking the dog, (and I was looking pretty good that day, not to toot my own horn) and he did NOT introduce me at all. Finally the guy was like "oh, and who's this? we missed our introductions." and my bf just said my name, and then we awkwardly left. We've been together for almost 5 years now, and I'm beginning to feel like we're not compatible anymore. There are plenty of other people out there who can support my choices, and would love not be embarrassed of me. Why did I get stuck with some arrogant asshole?! Venting done.

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