May 2014 05

I can't describe the beauty of the ocean beating against the shore. I can't describe the grit of the sand on the beach. All I know is it's beautiful, and since I can't come up with more perfect imagery just picture in your head the standard generic beach and ocean, that'll get you pretty close. I know that it's lacking but its honestly the best I can do. So please don't expect anything more of me when I tell you I love you. When I tell you you're beautiful, just know that I'm comparing you to the beauty of the ocean. When it rises and when it falls, when it creates a gorgeous show of white capped peaks crashing into themselves trying to gain my attention, trying to be the first to hit land. Just know that you reached me first. The sand gets between my toes, trying desperately to get my mind off of you. But you're the only sand I want to scrub against my skin. You're the only thing I want to remind me that I'm here, that I'm alive, sand between my toes always really annoyed me and I guess you do too. But the sand is a small price to pay to be close to the ocean. When I say, "it's a generic ocean with generic sand" just know that you're my yardstick of all things beautiful, my measurement for how much I actually give a damn. That every time I'm at the beach I'm comparing it to you, and honestly it never looked as beautiful as you. I've lived near the beach for so long that the ocean doesn't take my breath away anymore. But the sand still does. And so do you.

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