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Back on September 20th, 1964, in Brooklyn NY, I married the male my Mother did NOT want me to marry. Yes, I was an unyielding, thoughtless young twenty-something female who was headstrong. Oh boy, Mom was sooooo correct in her thinking. I was introduced to "my beloved" by a dear friend, Nicole (sadly, now deceased). She said "he is perfect..short [as I am], and Italian [as I am]." Good beginning, then downhill all the way! He was, and still is, a mythomaniac, a talebearer, a subhuman c**kroach, a jealous cruel individual who, I know, cannot even spell half the words written above.
Oh, we've since divorced, thankfully so, but the excuse given is quite funny--it shows his insecurity. I had graduated from a nearby community college and yearned to go to a four-year college. My beloved gave me an ultimatum: college OR him. I chose to go to Brooklyn College, but having an intelligent wife was beyond his comprehension. His jealousy mounted because of my association with college friends and professors. It is not that I did not try to include my beloved in the circle, he just felt like an outsider when with the group.
Many were the times he would phone me from work, asking me to formulate / spell words and sentences for him because he had to write notes to a fellow employee. Reminds me of the years he attended a Brooklyn community college. At that time my sister and I would write his homework essay papers for him to hand in, and he would get marks of A all the time. (I still have a few of 'his' essays from back then.) Those papers negated most of the bad classroom marks he received.
He has since remarried, and he is now the third husband of his second wife. Me? Life has been smooth--though not living with an extreme fabulist still shows its cruel head at times. He has poisoned our children with numerous lies. Me? I walk with my head high.

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