Sep 2015 20

My life isn't all that great and the only solice I have is watching football. You know this. why in the F* would you want to take that away? You said I don't spend any time with you??? Hey I spend ALL of my free time with you!!! I have no friends and whatever free time I have I give it all to you including all day Sat. UGH!!! WTF!!?? So what can i do other than doing everything that needs to be done, done yesterday??? what about your F* mess you have all over the house?!?!? WTF!!!:: :( I'm soo f**king bummed you would try to kill my only happiness outside of you. :( really really sad :(

[by Anon on Thu January 14, 2016 12:19:13 am]
your a dick. Love, your wife

[by Anon on Fri February 5, 2016 10:41:02 am]
Some women are never satisfied. Acknowledge and accept that. All men need some men time. Go out with your buddies watch the game, but reasonable. Like watching every game, is not necessary.

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