Sep 2015 23

Everyday damn day all I think about is you. You're the only thing that goes through my mind. I'm there for you day and night, you call me late at 3am telling me that you can't sleep and I sleep early, but you don't know that, you ask I you woke me up but I act as if I've been up for hours. I stay up and talk you to sleep. Even then I'm worried that if I fall asleep that you'll call needing me again and I won't wake up so I stay up. Countless nights losing sleep more and more. Whenever you're on your period, I always come and comfort you with movies, and groceries so I can cook for you. I've met every single one of your family members. You've told me secerets that no one else knows and I know I will take them to my grave. I go to all your volleyball games and basketball games. I make you big posters and I'm your number one fan. Whenever your sad I rush over and make sure you're alright. I stay for hours until you fall asleep and even then I'll let you rest your head on my lap. I do so much for you but you only refer to me as you friend. You tell me how you wish you can one day find someone just like me. But yet, I'm right here, literally right in front of you hoping for a chance. As you went to homecoming, and I just coming back from my fathers house, I rush to your house with flowers, a romantic dinner for two and two tickets to Disney on ice, so you can witness princesses, and two tickets to Disney land, so you can show all those wanna be princesses how it's done. I was waiting there, so I can pour my heart to you. But as hours pass and the candles slowly getting smaller and smaller. You never showed up. The next day you call me in the morning to pick you up at some guys house. You tell what an amazing night you had with him. When really the not thought going though that guys head was how he wanted to just sleep with you. As you told me my heart shattered. As you told me more and more about that night I begin dieing inside slowly and slowly. As we pulled up you invited me in but I just had to refuse because little did you know I was holding back tears. I just don't know what the hell to do with you anymore

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