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I'm really confused on what this. It started off casual, I knew he was seeing at least one other woman and she was aware he was seeing other women as well. I didn't mind I didn't want anything too serious what with being in my graduating year of university and having a job.

The guy is a bit of an ass to be completly honest, but he's really sweet to me. Which of course following the cliché I started to really like him. When these feelings first started coming up I dismissed them, and decided if they got any worse I would cut it off. Now the confusion starts.

Now to me a casual relationship is essentially fooling around and sex. Which is how it started, first two hangouts we just stayed at his place. Had sex, cuddled and watched movies. By the third though he told me he really likes me, and that I'm beautiful and he likes everything about me. On that third hangout it was the first time we were out in public together since we started. We had met up at a fast food place and on the walk home he had his arm wrapped around my shoulders, and he let me put my arm around his hips (he's over a foot taller than me) and he was leaning down to kiss the top of my head. A couple of blocks in he offered to give me a piggyback ride and after a moment of hesitation I said sure and he was walking down the road and spinning in circles with me on his back. After a couple of blocks he sets me down on some steps outside of a building and begins kissing me. And this is a busy road so people saw. We then got up and continued walking down the road and to get to his place we had to cross the road and he grabs my hand and runs across and doesn't let go until we're on his street where he kisses me again. And then tells me that even though he doesn't talk to me very often he really likes me. Now he was a bit tipsy so I chalked it up to that.

However, over time more little things come up he's made me dinner four times (including two steak dinners) without even a second thought. And now after sex he just wants to cuddle for like 15-20 minutes and when we're watching movies he's either laying on me and/or he has his arm around me, and kisses me on occasion. Everytime I leave he kisses me goodbye. And the couple of times where I have to go elsewhere after he will walk with me with his arm around my shoulder and kiss me when I get to where I need to be. And now whenever I'm over he tries to persuade me to stay another couple of hours or even overnight if I say I'm leaving at 10pm. He's told me I'm welcome over anytime as long as he's home. However he has left me at his place alone for about a half hour.

I'm also not sure if he's seeing anyone else anymore, he goes through his YouTube history every time I come over to show me videos, he thought I would like. And lately the stuff I've shown him on there is showing up sooner. Like within 25 videos when I haven't seen him in a week, when it used to be forty or fifty. Also he rarely picked up his phone even at the beginning of when this started but he'd still get a lot of texts and calls, lately they've been cut down by I swear 3/4, and when he does use his phone he's more than willing to do it with me lying on his chest and it's been guys and his sister or mom. And the last time I was over he showed me a book he had ordered and he's supposed to get Friday, and when I told him it usually only takes me a couple of days to read a book he suggested we read the book together.

And now with all this I'm confused on whether this is still a casual thing or if it's developing into something more.

[by Anonymous on Sat November 19, 2016 10:12:08 pm]
Totally not casual anymore. You better ask him about the other women.. That is, if you want what already seems like a relationship

[by Anonymous on Sat November 19, 2016 10:13:29 pm]
Oh crap, I'm over a year late.. bet there's a baby in the carriage now lol

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