Oct 2015 14

I've just been feeling so ..... Down lately. I have a beautiful baby boy that I care and love for so so so much but I get so much anxiety over everything when it comes to him; I feel like he can get hurt easily either by falling or swallowing something bad or when we drive get into a car accident and it makes living a normal day so hard worrying about all this:( I've been so irritable and exhausted and I'm always worried about the future I don't know how to make it so I don't worry as much
I also feel like I have no friends ever since I dedicated myself to being a full time stay at home mom. I'm only 21 and I'm always seeing snaps or tweets or Instagram posts about my "friends" partying or hanging out or going to school and I just feel so alone and left out. I just feel so sad; I try to be happy for my baby's sake but ugh it just feels so when I can't take care of myself emotionally. It doesn't help that I feel like my boyfriend doesn't help enough. He's always going out to hang with friends or to buy stuff for his band. He's out way more than me and I'm so damn tired of being home allllll day everyday. Whenever I ask him to at least go out for a walk or something he's just like "I'm so lazy" or "it's boring around here to walk" just because we live in a small town. I hope after November when I'm done with my babysitting job (side job for some little spending money for myself) that I can get out more and hopefully lift my spirits. I wish I could have a hug too

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