Feb 2016 21

The Olmsteads of Staten Island, originally from Brooklyn, NY, just cannot stay out of bed--and when they are in bed they rarely use a condom!
Andrew James (A.J.) Olmstead of Staten Island, NY met Ri on January 11, 2014. They got married April 25, 2014. Their baby, Emma, was born in October 2014. Phew! Why didn't they use a condom? Well, at least he married the female he impregnated. A.J. is a fireman but does not know what SAFETY means. ha ha
A.J.'s sister, Allison Kim Olmstead Cress, became preggie out of wedlock at age 17, by Alexander Guidice, a NYC Sanit worker. He never married Allison; quite the contrary. Alex Guidice (aka Diceman) was then born.
Allison's mother, Susan Mangano Olmstead Esposito had an abortion when she was a teen, thanks to her boyfriend, Steve. (He then faded out of sight--smart of him) At the time she and her mother flew down to Puerto Rico for the abortion. Freeloader Susan never reimbursed her parents for the trip and medical bills, though the subject was brought up many times!.

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