Feb 2016 22

Today, February 22, 2016, I heard on two different radio stations this morning that you are one of two Council members who have brought out thoughts of allowing 1.3 million ILLEGAL immigrants the right to vote in NY. Remember, they broke into our country. They did something that is not legal. Understand that? Allowing them to vote is leaps and bounds away from American justice. Shame on you, Councilman. You ain't my friend anymore ! ! !

When I go to my Sr. Center today, I will make an announcement re your plan, along with the facts that illegals are not being health-checked at the border, did not pay the fee to enter USA, may be carrying diseases, etc. You are a disgrace to our justice system.

Aarrgh, I am angry.

[by Anon on Mon February 22, 2016 09:38:58 am]
The Councilman's full name is JUMAANE WILLIAMS, District 45, in Brooklyn, NY. Seems he's an a$$kisser. Anything for votes.

[by OneWhoKnows on Mon March 14, 2016 01:28:21 pm]
Brooklyn NY's Councilman Jumaane Williams seeks all the attention he can gather, so it seems, even if it is not beneficial to and for Americans. Selfish, in my opinion.

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