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Jumaane Williams, the Brooklyn Democrat who chairs the City Council’s housing committee, is facing foreclosure. On Oct. 29, 2015. Bank of America filed documents in state Supreme Court in Brooklyn threatening Councilman Jumaane Williams with foreclosure for failing to make payments on a $389,600 mortgage tied to a two-family house in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Check this out. It's TRUE.

[by Anon on Fri March 9, 2018 01:03:12 pm]
I do not doubt this information.Jumaane Williams is simply just another crooked wanna-be politician. He is dirt under my shoes.

[by Anon on Fri April 27, 2018 10:52:43 am]

[by SusanSucks on Fri April 27, 2018 10:53:42 am]
A few yrs ago Friskies pet food offered shoppers a reusable pet food dish for a certain amount of accumulated Bar Codes from pet foods sent to them. Great incentive to buy the product! Useful pet dish.
My idea is for stores to offer shoppers a fabric shopping bag for a certain amount of accumulated sales slips from individual stores---say, offer a fabric shopping bag for $300 worth of shopping sales slips from individual stores. It would save plastic AND advertise each store, for the logo printing on each fabric bag would give publicity to, and throw the spotlight on, certain stores. What a wonderful incentive to stop using plastic bags ! ! All winners and no losers. Agree?

[by Jumaane Wms.=Pay Debts on Sun September 23, 2018 11:16:17 am]
Below is from POLITICO--can be verified!
WILLIAMS REVEALS TAX RETURNS — POLITICO’s Gloria Pazmino: Council Member Jumaane Williams released five years of tax returns Wednesday as part of his bid to become the state's next lieutenant governor, but the documents shed little light on his reportedly considerable debt. Williams' financial difficulties have been well-documented and have recently become fodder in his fight to unseat fellow Democrat Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul in the upcoming primaries. After a failed business venture and ongoing difficulties with a two-unit Brooklyn property, the New York Post recently reported Williams has more than $600,000 in debt. The council member has disputed that number saying he is in active settlement talks with the bank. His campaign did not provide copies of a document known as Schedule C, which could have included information regarding Williams' outstanding debt and the debts forgiven, related to both his business and properties.

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