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Linda Sloat Bridges and I were friends, I met her through Victor Bridges before they were married. They originally lived in Brooklyn NY but moved to Hazlet, then Keyport, NJ. We visited back and forth. We both had children. Then in December 2006 Linda asked to borrow $2000.. "to be returned within 3 years." Vic was a dear friend of mine; we grew up and hung around together in the same neighborhood. I knew his family well, and cheered him on as he entered the USMarines.
I did not question Linda's motives. I knew dear Vic and Linda were having financial problems; their Hazlet NJ home was foreclosed on, and they were forced to vacate it.
Then on May 22, 2007 Linda Bridges asked me for another $2000. I didn't question her motives, and made another check out to Linda Bridges, She asked me not to tell Victor about this money that she'd borrowed. This was a dire emergency, said Linda, who said it would be returned to me 'within two months.' I've got that in writing!
As of this month, March 2016, I have only received $2000. of the original $4000 Linda Sloat Bridges borrowed from me.
The first payment of $350 arrived on October 30, '07. Then I'd receive checks of $100, $50, etc. The last payment of $250. arrived on February 5, '08. Balance due: $2000. Papers and checks/money orders I've received will prove this.
Victor Bridges died on February 23, 2008. Long before that, and to his death, he wrote and spoke to me telling me of his very unhappy marriage, saying he's sorry he didn't 'go after me,' but always having a special place in his heart for me and the good times we shared together.
Linda Bridges still has not paid me $2000 which I graciously lent her when her chips were down and her pocket was empty.
In August 2008 Linda Bridges and her daughter Noelle bought a condo in Delray Bch., FL--874 Normandy So., Apt. 8740--But Linda Sloat Bridges still has not returned the $2000. I lent her when she badly needed money.
Strong suggestion: Do NOT ever lend Linda Sloat Bridges any money, expecting to get it back. She's a damn liar, a thief.

[by L.Bridges=crude on Tue May 17, 2016 10:48:07 am]
I remember Linda Sloat well--and also her mother with the disfigured fingers. They had a very sloppy home on Avenue R, in Brooklyn, NY.
I also recall Victor's mother, Vita Bridges, being totally against Victor's and Linda's marriage.

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