Jul 2016 15

okay dude i need help i dont know what to do anymore im sorry if it feels like im thr owing all this s**t on you im sorry but ive been remembering all the stuff rya nn did over and over again i have dreams about it and its alwyas on my mind and its really f**king me up ive started scratching again and im not f**king functioning normally anmore i literally FORGOT to eat or drink for a couple days because my mind was so occupied wi th what he did i want to tear my f**king skin off because it itches so bad i dont want to die i jst dont want to exist for a while holy s**t i feel nauseous and shaking 24/7 idk what to do jesus fucjinf christ lmfao ifeel like its my fault i dont want amyone to find ou t about it i just want to forg et it but i tried it wont go away what am i doing idk what to do ive tried so many things but theres always something that makes me remmeber and makes it worse help ive even tried to ask my closest friend for any help they could give but recently they havent been talking to me and im pretty sure they dont need me anymore or want me around and im just annoying them im in hell what do i do

[by Anon on Tue July 26, 2016 10:50:49 pm]
You do not need others to need or validate you. This blog is anonymous. Vent honestly and openly and I am sure someone will be able to assist you. Stay strong, friend.

[by alex on Wed November 23, 2016 11:26:24 pm]
Take care of yourself, seek professional help, you are not expected to do this alone. Accept help when offered if you need it. Your body is a vessel that houses your soul. You are not your body... It simply enables you to live on earth. I know it sounds cheezy. Give yourself time to heal and be patient. Healing comes little by little sometimes. Be kind and forgiving and compassolnate to yourself especially. Spend time with your pet of you have one. You can do this, but don't try and do it alone. There are people that love and care about you more than you think

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