Jul 2016 25

I did it people. I simply could not deprive myself of a human in such dire need of attention, a handsome human at that.
I've worked in the same office for about 2.5 years and it's an amazing place. My boss is literally the bomb. Everything was great, is great. And then I met him, my boss's eldest son fresh out of college. He's cute and smart and taken, so I keep my distance. I decide to be nothing more than friends because I tend to get myself into trouble with my raging impulsivity. As time passes, we get better acquainted and hang out on occasion. Then the seductive behaviors start to take place and I am at a loss. What the f**k do I do now? He totally f**ked my plans to be good.
He invites me over one night, and I think it's innocent. I go. We drink wine and talk for hours. It's great. Then we move to the bedroom, but only to practice a new therapy we learned at work. Next thing I know, I'm getting a massage with oils and butt rubs. One thing leads to another and I f**k my boss's son. Whoopsie. Now I struggle to remain cordial at work while thinking about his naked body. I'm not even conflicted about my boss or his girl; I'm just in shock. I didn't expect it at all.
Anyway, there goes the cat.

[by Anon on Thu September 15, 2016 04:33:39 pm]
This is disgusting. You knew he had a girlfriend, and yet you had sex with him? Don\'t go saying, \"Oh, I couldn\'t resist; it\'s only human nature\". That\'s what rapists also say. You DO have self-control, and you chose not to exercise it.

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