Sep 2016 28

Workers used a vertical saw to cut pavers and the saw's vibration cracked the width of my existing driveway. Workers used soil in spots to 'seal' areas, instead of cement, and now we have weeds growing out of these areas where cement should have been placed. Pavers were not cut to correct size; large areas were simply filled in with cement. Ugly. Workers did not power-wash when finished, so there are areas of cement on top of new pavers. Substandard work. Owner: M. Ghumman, of 1562 East 58 Street, Bklyn, NY 11234 The male who began to fill out the Contract did not know how to spell the work 'cement.' Pitiful.

[by Anon on Thu February 23, 2017 10:56:36 am]
Ah ha! Classic Z & B Contracting Corp. went out of business and now the company is named Z & B General Contractor Corp. Same address, 1562 East 58 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234, and same owner. And same amateur (Illegal?) workers and substandard work, you can be assured. Do not hire this sh*tty company unless you want to throw good money away.

[by Anon on Mon October 9, 2017 11:15:24 am]
S**t work in driveway, done last year 2016, by Z & B Contractors. I now have weeds growing between the pavers,. They're a bunch of illiterate Pakistanis.

[by Z&B Contr=SUCK on Sun October 21, 2018 10:32:31 am]
Aa yes! I too have high weeds growing out of the bricks Z & B Contractors laid in my backyard. Oh they looked fine when they finished their work but as the weeks went by we noticed that areas between bricks were filled with soil, not cement, and now we have weeds growing between each brick--even moss is growing there. Should've hired an American, not a Pakistani (named John) who was only interested in $$, not fine work.

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