Oct 2016 31

Harley Davidson of Staten Island's employee, Robert, owns a HarleyDDavidson.
Of course he does--because that's the only manhood he has, that which he sits on daily. Makes him feel oh so manly with that big machine between his legs--but he is truly a wimp, a product of his wimpy mother who's always moaning and groaning.
Yes, Robert is a lowlife sh*thead who walks around with his palms up, not down. Even his former wife thinks he is sh*t, and the girlfriend he's attached to, Elizabeth Schiller, is a dumb arsehole who's houseboat--where she was living, off E. 58 Street and Avenue U, 11234--went up entirely in flames. She's a dumb arsehole, as said by many, because she did not have home insurance on her houseboat. Everything's burned beyond saving--refrigerator, clothes, appliances, everything. Dumb female. Robert and Liz deserve each other. Ha Ha

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