Dec 2016 28

Dr Sheynberg, owner of Sheepshead Bay Veterinary Group at 2806 Avenue U Brooklyn, New York is one of the worst veterinarians on earth.
He will do unnecessary procedures, prescribe unnecessary mediation to pad your bill,
Even hospitalize your pet whether he needs to be hospitalized or not.
He hospitalized my critically ill dehydrated dog even though she needed round the clock care that he does not offer ($1500.00-$2000.00) for 2-3 days....we needed to rush our beloved dog to a 24 hour hospital the following day and remove her from Sheepshead Bay Vet Group since our dog required round the clock care.
My beloved dog was left unattended and alone for 16 hours.
He lies to cover up and make himself look good, lies to such an extent by saying my husband and I refused to take our dog to a 24 hour facility which is an OUT RIGHT LIE !
He's a heartless, cold, arrogant individual who is totally narcissistic and full of such an extreme that he can only hear himself talk and is NOT in the least bit interested in your animal.
Dr Sheynberg caused my dog severe pain when he jabbed her with the needle to take blood, my poor dog yelped but Dr Sheynberg had NO emotion, he's an angry driven individual with misplaced anger who needs help himself.
After Dr. Sheynberg read the review I put on YELP he LIED to the public and said my dog had been sick for several weeks and my husband & I neglected her...he is a disgusting example of a human...cold and heartless.
Unfortunately my beloved dog is no longer here.
Be smart and do NOT let him touch your beloved animal.
Dr. Sheynberg is a disgrace to the Veterinary profession !

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