Apr 2017 08

Bernard M. Clemens, 89 years old, of 2243 Plumb 2nd Street, 11229, must think he\'s still in his homeland of Germany--\'cause he loves to give orders to others. He reminds me of Germany\'s Gestapo. He only attempts to show his power, if you want to call it that, against women; he\'s too, too much of a weakling to attempt to show authority to a man..
Bernard M. Clemens is, I believe, a mental lightweight who, by example, shows that being a smart guy is easier than being a wise man. Even with his needed walking cane and/or walker, he has both feet firmly planted in the air.

[by Anon on Sat April 8, 2017 03:24:51 pm]
Just imagine...if Bernard Clemens used a GlueStick instead of Chapstick, he could not be able to boss females around so much, a la Gestapo-style.

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