Oct 2017 23

I was in store #02650, 5716 Ave. U, 11234, earlier today. At the kiosk I selected 39 prints that I wanted developed. I also had in hand a pair of black flats that my daughter purchased for me at the store.. Too small, so when I went to pay for the prints the very nice salesman, Erik, checked and said that because the shoes were 'clearance' he would offer me only $2.14 if indeed I returned the shoes. Fine, I said to take the credit from the price of the prints ($16.56). Erik called the mgr, Mr. Forbes, who would NOT give me the credit that was offered by Erik because the item was Clearance. NOWHERE WITHIN THE STORE IS THIS NOTED, NOR IS THIS NOTED IN THE REVERSE OF MY STORE RECEIPT. (1) The mgr., Mr Forbes, was not wearing a name label on his shirt as all other employees did. When I asked for his first name, he declined this request. (2) If there's no credit/refund given on a exchange or return, this information SHOULD be prominently noted somewhere in the store to alert customers who are contemplating a purchase! I began to speak loudly so other customers could hear my resentmt. Mr. Forbes phoned for cops. They came, heard my story, and left, saying I was right. I'm going to make posters that will tell how unfair Walgrns is--"Beware, nothing is stated in writing re no returns on clearance items". If mgr. Mr.Forbes had any brains he wld've given me the benefit of the doubt and said "Only this one time; never again." He surely needs a set of training wheels on his brain.

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