Oct 2017 30

Yes, Linda Sloat Bridges and I were friends, I met her through Victor Bridges before they were married. Time went on. We both got married. We visited back and forth--Hazlet NJ and Bklyn. We both had children. Then in December 2006 Linda asked to borrow $2000.. "to be returned within 3 years." Vic was a dear friend of mine; we grew up together in the same neighborhood. I knew his family well, and cheered him on as he entered the USMarines.  
I did not question Linda's motives. I knew Vic and Linda were having financial problems; their Hazlet NJ home was foreclosed on, and they were forced to vacate it.
  Then on May 22, 2007 Linda Bridges asked for another $2000. I didn't question her motives, and made another check out to Linda Bridges. She asked me not to tell Victor about this money that she'd borrowed. This was a dire emergency, said Linda, 
who said it would be returned to me within two months. I've got that in writing!  
As of today, October 30, 2017, I have only received $2000. of the original $4000 Linda Bridges borrowed from me.
The first payment of $350 arrived on October 30, '07. Then I'd receive checks of $100, $50, etc. The last payment of $250. arrived on February 5, '08. Balance due: $2000. Papers and checks/money orders I've received will prove this.  
Linda Bridges still has not paid me $2000 which I graciously lent her when her chips were down and her pocket was empty. 
Strong suggestion: Do NOT ever lend Linda Bridges any money, expecting to get it back. She is a B*stard lowlife Thief.

[by Anon on Tue December 12, 2017 07:44:54 pm]
She's typicle--hahaha
Bet her husband wouldn't have done that. H'e not a ghonif.

[by Linda Sloat=THIEF on Mon December 18, 2017 10:31:46 am]
Victor Bridges' mother disliked Linda Sloat very much, always called her a loud mouth with no class. How correct she was.

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