Jan 2018 18

DAVID J. EDELSTEIN, M.D., an OPTOMETRIST, is, in my opinion, a thief, a gonif. His office is located on 2035 Ralph Avenue, 11234. (He has another office at 1335 Linden Blvd, 11212.)
I was his patient-a new patient- in June. He looked at my current eyeglasses then told me I need cataract surgery.
He recommended a particular doctor. Dr. Edelstein did not examine my eyes, and I had to pay $40 for my visit.
I later phoned his office and asked for my eyeglass prescription. I was told I must return to Dr. Edelstein’s office for an eye examination—another $40. Why didn’t the doctor do this while I was in his office on June 6th?
Dr. David J. Edelstein is a thief, a gonif, in my opinion.

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