May 2018 09

Every Thursday the Marketeer is thrown in front of my apartment, filled with sales by local supermarkets and other local stores. I peer through the fliers pen in hand, ready to circle all the good sales of the following week. However, I get so very irritated at some of the advertisements, such as:

BO/GO FREE (When a price is not stated, I ignore that adv.)

MUST BUY FOUR (Heck, I don\'t want to have to buy four of the same product if I\'ve never tasted or used it before. I want to try just one of the item, or I\'m forced to pay 75 cents more (?) for just one of the product. I ignore that adv. Also, I don\'t have room to store multiple numbers of large items such as 12-packs of soda or four boxes of cereal.)

SAVE $1 ON TWO or BUY ONE, then 50% OFF 2nd same item (Why doesn\'t the store simply lower the price, and, once again...there is no price, so I ignore that adv.)

HALF PRICE (What\'s original price? No price given, I ignore that adv.)

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