Jun 2018 10

"Mr. TattooMan" lives on East 71 St., 11234, same house as his parents, Giovanni and Maria N.. Johnny's DoB is June 16, 1975.

[by BklynSucks on Sat June 23, 2018 01:58:32 pm]
John Bellantone works for NYC Dept of Sanitation, District 13.

[by Anon on Sun July 15, 2018 05:29:45 pm]
John's wife Kerri was born on September 25, 1984. They live in New Jersey.

[by Mark's deceased on Wed August 1, 2018 08:26:27 pm]
Kerri and John BELLANTONE live in Lincroft, NJ,07738--at 13 Hill Road. They bought the 3 bdrm home in December 2017 for $465,000.

[by Bellantone ignores duties on Mon August 20, 2018 08:07:03 am]
Why doesn't John Bellantone spend a few hours to clean up the house he owns in Mill Basin Brooklyn--2045 East 59th Street? He surely collects the monthly rent on time but passionately ignores his duties regarding this home. The backyard is full of weeds and debris--and occasional rats and feral cats. Oh yes, John B. works for the NYC Dept of Sanitation -- he can use some pointers on how to clean up his home.

[by Anon on Thu January 3, 2019 08:21:16 pm]
John Bellantone is a greedy S.O.B. Collects rent on time but ignores shoddy condition of his tenant- occupied home, 2045 East 59 St., Brooklyn NY 11234

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