Aug 2018 18

2045 East 59 St., 11234, is up for sale. WARNING--the listing says \'basement\'. Wrong. The cellar ceiling is low and that designates the area should only be used for storage, and washing machine/drier. There are short/half windows in the cellar, not full windows in 2045 East 59 Street. If you are interested, thinking of looking at this home, please check the falling mortar that\'s above the first floor entrance door; lots of the mortar/cement is missing. And the backyard is in terrible shape; full of weeds--and even an occasional rat, and many cats that stay there!
2045 East 59 Street, 11234 is owned by an absentee landlord. Ask the tenants what they think of the building. There was a 3\' flood in the cellar just four weeks ago, before the landlord finally installed a sump pump, etc.

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