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Sep 2013 28
Get laid  (1288 views)

Last night one of my guy friends came over to watch a movie with me. Unexpectedly he started cuddling with me and at some point there was sp  more...

Sep 2013 16

That you only do the bare minimum to survive, I'm talking only food and water. I haven't showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, combed   more...

Sep 2013 14
Conflicted  (1234 views)

I dated this guy, and the entire time we were together he was talking to another girl. Mind you these were the happiest months, up until I f  more...

Jul 2013 28
scared so scared  (1241 views)

Im scared im so scared of what im capable of doing to myself. I hate me. I hate that i have to lie to myself to make sure that im ok. Im not  more...

Jul 2013 25
jfc  (1164 views)

lately under a lot of stress to meet people and get things done (and also getting upset at a few different people), i find that all that goe  more...

Jun 2013 17
In dispair....  (1176 views)

I'm feeling incredibly sad and very depressed. I can't focus, think and my strength is zero. I have to make an incredible effort j  more...

Jun 2013 01
In Too Deep  (1211 views)

I'm not sure where to even begin because I've never told a soul about this, because I've dragged everyone I've ever cared ab  more...

May 2013 26
Un'happy'  (1185 views)

I'm 19 and I don't remember ever being able to call myself happy. I can be satisfied at times and content with the way things work o  more...

Apr 2013 25
boyfriend  (1358 views)

sometimes i wish i had one. even just a couple of dates would be nice too.

Apr 2013 19

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