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Nov 2009 01

okay, so i was checking my email when my friend sends me an email with a picture. it was of the elephant of a whore and she was wearing a s  more...

Oct 2009 30

I got laid off and even though my severance package isn't bad. Looking for a job and already being turned down left and right. Things are   more...

Oct 2009 30
dudee; F*CK IT.  (1045 views)

I don't know what the F*CK your guys' problem is, so F*CK YA'LL. I thought you guys were my true friends, but I guess not. Started off wit  more...

Oct 2009 29

Croissants, doughnuts, cake, cookies, bread, you name it. I have a weakness for them all! Hopefully I don't turn into the blob someday! Got  more...

Oct 2009 28
I'd cry  (1574 views)

You don't know how much i think about you, and how i try so hard to be like the girls you love to be around. I know you're mine, but it does  more...

Oct 2009 27

Seriously man, thanks. You crashed in my girlfriend's RV for a night or two, maybe more. Thanks for not f*cking it up. But really man. It   more...

Oct 2009 27
Sooo Sorry  (1485 views)

I hope you know How sorry I am about everything! I wish I could take it all back but I can't.

Oct 2009 26
Too Late  (1405 views)

I am so in love with you it hurts. And I am sorry that I am saying it too late!

Oct 2009 25
I'm so lonely....  (1207 views)

Having no family in the states....being new to the area... all by myself..... so sad...

Oct 2009 25
Roomie crush?  (1407 views)

Hey, so I've been living in an appartment kinda like with 9 other students (dudes and chicks) for almost two years... One of them moved in 6  more...

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