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Jun 2012 11
night  (1089 views)

Sometimes I hate the time before I fall asleep. If I can't, I end up thinking about everything I have to do the next day or for the next  more...

Jun 2012 08
My biggest fear  (1044 views)

Is that I'll never have love. I'll never have a girlfriend never have a wife never have a family. I found a girl a great girl she  more...

Jun 2012 01
rut  (1120 views)

I guess I'm in some kind of rut. School doesn't seem to interest me as much lately and I've found myself sleeping in and not car  more...

May 2012 31
kjdwj  (1002 views)

aieee. so i slept through another school morning. i figured it would be fine and i wouldn't get caught because i could be the one to ans  more...

May 2012 30
I'm so depressed....  (1099 views)

I want to try ketamine.. it seems to be my savor.. but where can I get it??!! Bipolar disorder is a serious and debilitating condition wh  more...

May 2012 25
leaving ceremony  (977 views)

i think my high school leaving ceremony was one of the most demotivating and depressing things ever. i can't wait til high school's   more...

May 2012 23
tv kid  (1044 views)

i definitely watched too much tv today.

May 2012 09

Stephanie Traina Picone, Vice President of Chico's, got a nose job (rhinoplasty) many years ago, while living in Brooklyn, NY. If one lo  more...

May 2012 01
something more  (1073 views)

i just want something more from my life right now. i want to be able to say i accomplished something massive and have other people act to  more...

May 2012 01

Here's mine: I'm a stoner, a drinker, a chronic failure, a smoker, a dipper, a cutter. I'm in love with my friend, every time sh  more...

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