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Mar 2012 12
Sometimes  (1094 views)

Sometimes I think it would be better to die then to have to keep worrying about the days to come.

Mar 2012 06
Honesty  (1120 views)

I was not honest with you when I said I found my ring in a bag. I never found the ring you gave me. I bought another. You said it didn’t m  more...

Mar 2012 04

At the beginning of the school year, I was offered to help promote an outside-of-school spring break trip for the seniors at my school. I  more...

Feb 2012 21
I love my razor  (1189 views)

I hurt myself today, for the first time in a long time. I cut myself, God I missed my razor. I forgot how AMAZING it feels. I forgot that I   more...

Feb 2012 19

She's three years younger than me I'm a highschool senior she's a freshman. I feel like a creep and then I remember that after h  more...

Dec 2011 12
VP  (1106 views)

I wish more people used Venting Post.

I also wish it would load faster.

Nov 2011 21

I'm. Addicted. to Minecraft. My eyes are red and watering and my back hurts from slouching for three hours. And I'm not working   more...

Nov 2011 21
Gay or Not?  (1435 views)

I'm not entirely sure of my sexuality and it's very confusing. I know I like boys but then sometime I think I might like girls but t  more...

Nov 2011 19

I finally got over an ex boyfriend. We were together for 9 months. But now I feel so lonely. Whenever I go somewhere or even just at school   more...

Oct 2011 07

What is it that I want? I want you. But do I really? You're so far away, but yet feel so close. I really can't imagine what I would  more...

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