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Stephanie Traina Picone, Vice President of Chico's, got a nose job (rhinoplasty) many years ago, while living in Brooklyn, NY. If one looks at her younger brother, Nicholas Traina, one would see a MUCH LARGER nose with a bump on it. Whatever, for an-over-forty year old female, she looks okay.

[by Paulina on Mon July 30, 2012 07:30:40 pm]
OK, Wow! You've been advised wrflgoulny on many things, so let me just start by correcting a few things first:First and foremost, you should start credit around the age of 18 years of age with credit cards from department stores like Sears, JCPenney and Bloomingdales. The GAP is a more prestige type of credit lender who is not going to immediately qualify you for a credit card with them due to your age not being established with prominent credit already; so that's not going to happen quickly until you are more established.Secondly, the correct amount of time-frame depends solely on how many applications you've applied with in the last 30 days. Generally, it's not best to continue applying when you are receiving denial letters. The best way to begin and start credit is with a secured credit card with an established bank like Bank of America, Chase, and/or even First Premier Bank who grants them very easily to newcomers to credit without your having to pay with your own money; however you would get more recognition from a more prominent bank like Bank of America or Chase who normally reports all your payment activity to all three major credit reporting agencies. Get a Secured Card with Bank of America, open it for at least $ 1,000.00 so that creditors can see that you are creditworthy with that type of credit limit, make excellent payments for an entire year and Bank of America will release your secured credit card deposit funds back to you and re-establish you with an unsecured status with all the credit bureaus. Then you just continue to charge, use the account, for a period of 36 months, and you will be on your way. This way, it will allow those recent inquiries to settle down. Most creditors will decline you when they see that you are applying too much, because they feel you are anxious , pressed or even obzealous with credit applications and they will consider you to be a high risk and decline you. Most all credit inquiries will remain for a two (2) year period of your personal credit report, which will continue to cause you to be declined with future applications submitted. Get the secured card with Bank of America, open it for $ 1,000.00. If not $ 1,000.00, open it with at least $ 500.00. After the two-year run of paying ontime, when you apply again with the GAP, Macy's, Bloomies, and etc. you are more likely to be considered favorably for an approval for at least $ 500.00.See most creditors will normally evaluate your personal credit history with one lender or credit grantor to determine if you would be able to handle that same line of credit, or credit limit with them so it's always best to ensure that you make excellent payments on the secured account because you will be pre-judged based on that account's activity, history, payments, and etc. for all your future accounts until you are more established. After this account has been established for your anniversary date of 2 years, then establish another one for a higher amount and do the same thing. But don't apply frivilously with any other creditors because you are not yet established. Normally it will take a minimum of 5-6 years and/or 60-72 months of excellent payments to be considered AN ESTABLISHED CREDIT ACCOUNT to where lenders, credit granters, and etc. will be more willing to approve for the house purchase in a few years go, if you follow this same format, keep your accounts current and up-to-date without any pastdues, lates, and over the limits; you will be definately on your way to getting that house of your dreams and being approved for it, but you must learn to crawl before you can walk in credit because it is a way of life, it is a necessity, and nearly a requirement today in the year 2000 s and etc's., so be sure to protect, keep it safe and always current.If you would like to apply for the Bank of America Secured Credit Card, I'm providing the link below for your immediate use and assistance. You can always take that route and you can always contact our agency in the future to find out more about credit enhancements as well. Credit Enhancing, your existing credit, or file is a great way to secure stronger credit as well. Or you can always opt to have your parent or guardian, boyfriend and/or etc. that has strong/older credit to establish a joint account for you on their credit card accounts and this will help you get stronger approvals in the future as well, as their credit history will then report on your credit file; which will help you as well, but be careful because if their payment history is bad, slow, and/or late often, this will definately report on your credit file which will defeat the entire purpose of what I'm advising, so be careful who you joint account with even if it's your boyfriend, husband, mother, etc.Here's the link for Bank of America's Secured Credit Card Application: (Just download it when you can, and then send in your deposit for your secured account. Whateve

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