Dec 2013 07

He's a teacher. He's an adulterer. A father to wonderHe thinks I'll forget - but I won't.
He's lost weight, says he's changed, and even sings love songs on youtube with his ukulele, but I know the real him is hiding behind his mask . . .waiting to cheat again. Its sad. He's such a weak and selfish man -- how could he ever be trusted again. He put his family at risk and brought shame home with him. I will continue to pray for him but I know in my heart that out there exists other, better people who would never treat their families this way. Once you betray your family -- you've lost something precious that you can never, ever get back to again. At best, you can just cripple along with the thought of what's happened lurking somewhere in the back of your mind -- wondering if it may happen again. You know who you are and you have to live with looking yourself in the mirror everyday of the rest of your life.

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