Feb 2014 11

I still remember the first time I met you. You came to drag your brother to your mom's car, because you were sick of waiting to pick him up from school and we were too busy talking. I still remember that awkward little girl with braces and glasses. I still remember all of those days when we would sit together doing homework when we were both on break from class. I still remember going to that pizza place that took way too long during lunch and making up elaborate back stories about the grumpy man making the pizzas and having to eat hurriedly to get back to class in time. I still remember every hug you gave me, and every smile you sent my way. I still remember the first time I went to your house for your family's Superbowl party, and how we all stayed in the game room talking during the game and being silent, but for laughter, during the commercials. I still remember the first time you used your nickname for me. I still remember the first time you climbed into my truck to ask me what was wrong. I still remember our first "awkward lunch". I still remember that time we got into a fender bender in my truck together, I was having a s**t day and that was the cherry on top, and you did all you could to keep me together. I still remember your face in a crowd as I gave my senior thesis. I still have the note you wrote me that says, "you'll be ok". I still remember the first time we held hands, you on the recliner and I on your couch, watching some sad episode of a show I don't watch anymore because it reminds me too much of you. I still remember the first time you fell asleep near me, and how beautiful you were. I still remember your face when I finally told you I was leaving. I remember when your sister made jokes about us all crying about me leaving and then your laughter turning into tears. I still remember the glow from the tv on your face on our last night together. I still remember your face the morning I left, after I frantically searched every hideout and hangout I knew of, desperately hoping you weren't in class, hoping for one last chance to say goodbye. I still remember walking up to hug you one last time. I still remember wiping the tears from my eyes as I drove all those city streets that will never lead me anywhere but to you, for the last time in a long time. I still remember that you were the last person I said goodbye to. I still hope you are the first person I see when I get back. I don't know when that day will be, but I know it will be as soon as I can possibly arrange it. I still remember that I love you, and I still remember that I miss you.

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