Jul 2014 21

I seriously have been through so much and I jut can't find one person who I can trust to tell everything to bc 1. I know they will tell or 2. I already lied to them. I currently like an 18 year old and my dad won't let me say whom bc he's to old for me which is dumb bc I'm 16. I've had sex before and my patents don't know. I've lied to people about having sex. I'm leading my best friend on and I don't wanna date him bc he lives 7 hours away. I told people my ex boyfriend abused me. And he didn't. He only pushed me. My parents are getting. Divorce and I live with my dad. I caught my mom cheating and I told people my brother tried to commit suicide before (he never did). I cheated like 5 times and sneak out sometimes. I'm a horrible kid and I just needed to vent and tell people

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