Feb 2015 24
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Why is everyone so impressed by a brain that never rests? Who wants an enemy that never sleeps? I fill my days with distractions in an effort to duck and dodge my thoughts, but no matter how hard I run they always catch me. I spend my nights hiding in dark corners, but they always bring flash lights. I can't escape. These thoughts are misery, they love company. They unbolt the door to my mind and invite in all the monsters of the night. I fear the dark because I see them, images etched into my eyes. I fear the silence because I hear them, taunting me. I fear solitude because I have them, always so eager to keep me company. As the last goons and goblins march across my threshold, daring me to question their presence, my maximum capacity is exceeded. I am unhinged. I am second to the party in my mind, and my brain, my wondrous, insomniac brain, the host.

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